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Imparting my knowledge of the industry as an international medical graduate and physician.

Pressed for time? Top three (well, four) strategies to maximise short workouts.

What is the most common – and annoying, by the way – excuse for not working out or at least incorporating some activity into a routine? “I don’t have any time”.  We’ve all heard it at least once in our lives.  Sometimes from our own mouths – trust me, I’ve

Note of Advice to Aspiring Healthcare Workers.

Considering a career as a doctor, nurse or any other profession in the healthcare and medical sector? Be prepared to be bullied, for about as long as you are junior or reportable to someone in a hierarchical workforce.  And likely even when you are senior as well.  In some cases, you

A Short Word of Choosing A Career.

Choose a career that involves a lot of what you love doing, that you will love dealing with for a long time.  Or that you feel called to do.  That love will have to last and sustain you unconditionally, through university, many courses and degrees, multiple years in the job

The Bright Side – Top 3 Types of Shock Everyone Studying Away from Home Knows About…

I wanted to follow up on my last post, titled “Top 3 Types of Shock Everyone Studying Away from Home Knows About…” It was a lot of information to digest in a blog post so I thought I’d allow some decompression time before I wrote this one. So in my

Top 3 Types of Shock Everyone Studying Away from Home Knows About…

So you got accepted to a school away from your hometown.  Fees are paid, scholarships are awarded, you’ve travelled the distance and touched down in your new second home for the next 2 years or so.  Whether you enrolled in a small junior college or a university with multiple campuses,

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