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Being an Island Fit Femme entails a lot more than just keeping your curls and kinks in check. Your body needs to stay fit too…

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Get moving, no excuses!

It’s true: even the most active people can get a bit unmotivated at times.  And unless your profession entails a high level of activity, you have to make time for getting in some form of physical exertion.  On any given day, you’re going to wonder why you should even bother

Pressed for time? Top three (well, four) strategies to maximise short workouts.

What is the most common – and annoying, by the way – excuse for not working out or at least incorporating some activity into a routine? “I don’t have any time”.  We’ve all heard it at least once in our lives.  Sometimes from our own mouths – trust me, I’ve

Mental Workouts? Yes, You Need It. – Part 1.

The great number of us adults born between the late 70s to early 90s know what a busy life looks like and sometimes it can be difficult to even make sure a regular physical workout is built into our already-packed schedules. But here are a couple of my favourite byproducts

Two for the win: top reasons for the rise of the superset.

If you’ve been working out for sometime now (or even if you’re a fitness neophyte as of the last year or so), you will have heard or seen a lot of buzz about a workout technique known as the superset.  But why all the hype?  Here are three of my favourite reasons.

Rise of the HIITs… Top three favourite circuit styles.

Some of us remember time-based circuit and interval training for years before the Crossfit or fitness blogging movement began, but the last decade has heralded the rise of the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness regime.  Useful for everything from my jogging routes to my strength training regimes, it is well-loved

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