The Internet is only as safe as what you don’t share.

This week I created an impromptu entry in regards to Informed Life Consent after I saw an interesting post on Facebook bearing the photo of Michelle, a primary school teacher in Scotland using social media to teach her students about Internet safety.  In the interest of Informed Life Consent, I shared it almost immediately after reading the post and felt that maybe I could go the extra step to prove just how far going “viral” can take you.


Many thanks to Michelle in Scotland for the very valuable lesson – even adults can learn from this one.  You can find the original post from my Facebook page below.

“This is an impromptu thought from ‪#‎informedlifeconsent‬ courtesy of the primary school teacher in Scotland using an interesting and very relevant method of enlightening her students on Internet Safety.

Things you post online as a child travel with you for a lifetime in this current digital age. And from the post below, it’s clear that how far it reaches is only limited by who or where has no Internet connection. So selectivity on what you choose is smart. No matter what your friends think.”


Michelle from Scotland - photo courtesy of BX93



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